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Reports from Previous Committee Chairs

2023 Reports2022 Reports
Tournament Chair Report 2023Tournament Chair Report (Ottawa Hunt)_2022
50/50 Sales Chair – No Chair in 202350/50 Sales Chair Report_2022
Admissions & Spectator Services Report 2023Admissions & Spectator Services Chair Report_2022
Ambassadors Chair Report 2023Ambassadors Chair Report_2022
Broadcast Support Chair Report 2023Broadcast Support Chair Report_2022
Caddie Services Chair Report 2023Caddie Services Chair Report_2022
Communications Chair Report 2023Communications Chair Report_2022
Corporate Hospitality Chair Report 2023Corporate Hospitality Chair Report_2022
Golf Carts & Evacuation Chair Report 2023Golf Carts & Evacuation Chair Report_2022
Grounds & Course Chair Report 2023Grounds & Course and Ecology Chair Report_2022
Marshalls Chair Report 2023Marshals Chair Report_2022Appendix
Medical Chair Report 2023Medical Chair Report_2022
Operations Support Chair – No Chair in 2023Operations Support Chair – No Chair in 2022
Parking Chair – No Chair in 2023Parking Chair Report_2022
Player Services Chair Report 2023Player Services Chair Report_2022
Player Transportation Chair Report 2023Player Transportation Chair Report_2022
Practice Facility Chair Report 2023Practice Facility Chair Report_2022
Pro-Am Chair Report 2023Pro-Am Chair Report_2022
Sales Chair Report 2023Sales Chair Report_2022
Scoring Control Chair Report 2023Scoring Control Chair Report_2022
Special Events Chair Report 2023Special Events Chair Report_2022
Standard Bearers Chair Report 2023Standard Bearers Chair Report_2022
Volunteer Security Chair Report 2023Volunteer Security Chair Report_2022
Volunteer Services Chair Report 2023Volunteer Services Chair Report_2022
Walking Scorers Chair Report 2023Walking Scorers Chair Report_2022
Golf Canada Tournament Chair Report_2022