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A special offer on behalf of Audi Canada

As the Premier Partner of the 2024 CPKC Women’s Open, Audi is pleased to offer drivers of Audi vehicles an exclusive parking lot for their visit to Earl Grey Golf Club. Spectators arriving in their Audi vehicle will have access to an Audi exclusive parking area in Lot 8 at Mt. Royal University, a paved parking space adjacent to Mount Royal University East Gate Parkade.

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Securing your spot

Audi drivers can pre-register for a spot in Audi exclusive parking at no cost. To secure your spot, you will require a Ticketmaster account.

  1. Please visit the link below and select your date of planned attendance.
  2. Click the “Unlock” button to enter your offer passcode
  3. Enter the first three letters of your VIN number, followed by 2024. (i.e. AAA2024) to unlock the offer. You will be limited to one parking spot.
  4. Click next to enter your contact details and complete your order!
  5. On the day of the event, please proceed to Audi exclusive parking at the paved lot adjacent to Mount Royal University East Gate Parkade, you will be directed to the lot. You will need to arrive in your Audi vehicle with your digital ticket.

Please note that this only serves as a parking pass and does not allow access to the CPKC Women’s Open.

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Visiting the CPKC Women’s Open

Upon parking your car, please make your way to the Audi exclusive parking waiting area. You will be shuttled to the VIP entrance at Earl Grey Golf Club for the CPKC Women’s Open. Signage on site will direct you around the course.

On departure, follow the on-site signage back to the Audi exclusive parking/VIP Shuttle pickup for a direct shuttle back to the lot.


Parking Location